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Tight deadlines, demanding clients, exploding asset count, complex workflow, and wild creative genius. Handling these is no easy task, but our 3D creative arsenal can make simplify the process. But don't just take our word for it—read more about what our customers have done with our software and what they say about it.

Stay tuned. Complete stories launch March 13th, 2006. High Moon Studios
The Autodesk 3D Animation Product Portfolio provides this game developer with complementary modeling and animation solutions that meet the challenges of next-generation content creation.

"For us, it's always been important to use the best tool for the job. A lot of the artists here use both 3ds Max and Maya on a regular basis."
-Emmanuel Valdez, Chief Creative Officer, High Moon Studios

"MotionBuilder has provided us with the best solutions to edit and manipulate mocap data quickly. It allows a small staff of animators to efficiently and quickly create a large volume of animation content."
-Emmanuel Valdez, Chief Creative Officer, High Moon Studios Epic Games
The Autodesk 3D Animation Product Portfolio plays a major role in the creation of this leading game developer's next-gen title, Gears of War.

"It's important that we're not just good at using Autodesk tools, but that we're also good at working with Autodesk and collaborating with them to make sure we have the most efficient pipeline we can have to create this next-generation content. Autodesk has been a very good partner. They've listened to our needs and desires all along the way, which is reflected in the latest version of their software."
-Mark Rein, Vice President and Co-Founder, Epic Games Silicon Knights
By relying on 3ds Max software for all its projects, including its highly anticipated forthcoming title, Too Human, this leading game developer is achieving its goal of entertaining the world.

"Pelt Mapping has been a godsend for us, especially on organic models like rocks and mountainscapes. It really makes it easy to get a mesh to relax so that you can create a more organic feel."
-Pat Inglesby, Lead Environment Artist, Silicon Knights Shanda Interactive Entertainment
This developer standardizes on Autodesk 3ds Max as their modeling, animation, and rendering tool of choice.

"Today the most popular game production and development tool is 3ds Max. Each industry has its own standard. Autodesk Media and Entertainment's technology sets the standard for the game industry."
-Geng Wei, Fine Arts Director, Shanda Interactive Entertainment NCsoft
Autodesk 3ds Max takes NCsoft to the next level in online gaming.

"In addition to being the most widely used professional application in Korea's 3D animation industry, Autodesk 3ds Max perfectly meets game developers' most demanding requirements and is highly compatible with major leading game engines."
-Hwang Cheol-ung, GDU of Studio E&G LII Live Graphic Team, NCsoft

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